A group of grandmothers is a tapestry. A group of toddlers, a jubilance (see also: a
bewailing). A group of librarians is an enlightenment. A group of visual artists is a
bioluminescence. A group of short story writers is a Flannery. A group of musicians is
—a band.

A resplendence of poets.

A beacon of scientists.

A raft of social workers.

A group of first responders is a valiance. A group of peaceful protestors is a dream.
A group of special education teachers is a transcendence. A group of neonatal ICU nurses is a
A group of hospice workers, a grace.

Humans in the wild, gathered and feeling good, previously an exhilaration, now: a target.

A target of concert-goers.

A target of movie-goers.

A target of dancers.

A group of schoolchildren is a target.

A cage of bastards, a rape of bishops, etc. Drop yours as a comment