Did Judas kiss Jesus as they say just to betray him?
The Pharisees and the Romans knew not who Jesus was,
so when evening approached, and they were sick
and tired of that bloke who drew multitudes to himself,
and unto whom the people of Galilee were attracted,
they sent a message to Judas and promised him cash
if he could point out the son of man to them. Thirty
gleaming shekels; and they asked their messenger
to be sure to dangle the bag and jangle the coins
before his eyes. Judas was fucked, for he liked money,
and although when alone away from the troupe
he would sometimes visit the local amusement scene,
he had a good heart. The guy found him drinking
at a bar, and subsequently left him there, struggling
with his feelings. Judas thought of kissing Thomas
instead, to mislead the Pharisees, but when night came
he walked the short distance up to the mount where
people were already milling about, and kissed Jesus
on the lips, smiled, and kissed him a second time,
after which he ran off to hurl that money of shame
back at the people who had given it to him, removed
his belt and hanged himself on a low-lying branch.

Mark 14:44-46