When I was his daughter,
I could be precious too.

Math homework, times tables before bed
Say goodnight, Kayay Neetha instead

Both proud and disturbed
My two-cents worth, unheard

Bear hugs, Horsekrickers, Eastman travelogs,
Liver and peanut butter, stirring juice, mixing by hand.

Greek foods, Greek circle dances,
Sunburn on the beach,
Bring extra lemon wedges to the waitress
Bring home a Frosty for me.

Peeping Tom, Indiana lakeside, Arizona desert, New York-Brooklyn
Nightmare, no one shares, no one can talk. Dare.

Neptune salad, Pendragon Palace,
New Beason Well Road.
Teenagers, Late bloomer, who knew
What would unfold.

Chemicals in closet, smoke outside
"Don't drive the VW!"
WW2, he already knew
So where was I to hide?

Middleman, there was no plan
Except to scholarly be
I was my mother's daughter
No relation, in fact, that was meant to be.